GPS Services

  Advanced Surveying LLC has experience and equipment to establish high accuracy survey control points by utilizing Leica  GS14 GG Receiver & CS15 Controller. This services could be provided to other surveying and construction companies to set up survey control points and benchmarks at survey and construction sites.

The System GS14, is designed specifically for use at reference stations. With these new receivers, GNSS reference stations become more accurate, more powerful, more versatile and more reliable than ever before, yet they are easier to set up and operate.

The Leica GS14+ Series incorporates an ultra precise GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) measurement engine that supports GPS and GLONASS

  • Acquisition within seconds
  • Excellent signal strength
  • Reliable tracking to low elevations
  • Phase and code multipath suppression
  • High precision code and phase measurements up to 20 Hz
  • High reliability and robustness
  • Low power consumption
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